Forever Young


This is coming to terms with oneself
This is the tides clashing through waves of frequencies
This is uneven ounces
Of unannounced ambience victories
I am the lion with a secrecy to protect my own
The violence isn’t something I chose it was something I was born into

People will get tired of the the idiosyncrasy’ of man
And what we became
As much as it is unfair
It’s also just fair enough
Being born into a world with no choice of where you were put or what you have witnessed
But the fairness is what you do with that experience to which you came

These words could mean a lot more if I could put them with the right grammatical structure
But I’m just not that talented
My high school sweet heart is

My grandmother said I had a way with words
I believe her
She gave me courage strength and hope to have faith

So here I am

I’m becoming.

2 New Mixtapes At One Time

I am currently working on two mixtapes at once which are both “passion projects”  There is no reason for me releasing two mixtapes at once besides the fact that I have very few songs to listen to on my soundcloud makes me sad =[  

I have a totally different style/sound I am trying to accomplish that not very many people can understand with my words of just saying it.  They need to hear it, See it, feel it, and believe it.

Ambience & Cadence will be the new mixtapes coming

I will try to shoot as many music videos, and make the best experience out of these two mixtapes for everyone

Everyone check out my new song off my upcoming mixtape Cadence

Blu Magic (prod. @charli_brown)